Yoofiwaa Kyekye [pronounced yo-fee-wah, chay-cheh] is the CEO and
co-founder of NKWA, Inc; a wellness education company, and the VP of
Rock's Networking Unlimited; online marketing and networking agency. She
has over a decade of experience in managing people, projects and
process; in addition to contract development and implementation; and
process analysis and maturity.

She has two recurring columns in Afuraka/Afuraitkait Nanasom Nhoma
(Afuraka/Afuraitkait Ancestral Religion Journal) in the section named after
the Obosom (deity) "Afi" titled AHOODEN (Health, Strength) and AHOOFE

Yoofiwaa is the daughter of Akilah Chiku, founder of AFRAAM Wholistic
Health Institute, and the mother of Nadirah Watson, Ameerah Watson and
Nashid Kamal Watson, the latter for whom NKWA, Inc is named.