Acknowledgement of Greatness – Let us acknowledge and rejoice in the
consciousness that we are the modern descendants of the blessed and
ancient civilization that began in Africa and founded all civilizations
throughout the rest of the planet. The Most High has bestowed upon us the
talents, wisdom and opportunity to propagate a global culture that will
support, promote and protect African countries and communities; and
perfect applicable spiritual, social, commercial, governmental and scientific
ideologies and practices that will restore African people to our rightful place
as leaders, teachers and guides for the human race.

       National and community leadership councils – The sovereignty of each of
God’s peoples is an eternal and holy right and responsibility. We shall develop self-
governing councils, elected by our nations and communities to institute progress,
protection, justice, self-defense and self-discipline. Individuals in our communities,
regions and nations shall select the most capable and ethical members of our
communities to administer the institutions that affect our daily lives. These councils
will become the foundation for the development of a democratic and highly moral
system of self-government. As a people, we agree and pledge to never endorse,
vote for nor support in any manner any person, government or business that is not
committed to this agenda.

2.        Economic theories and systems based upon abundance – The Supreme
Being blessed African people with homelands of beauty, abundance and hospitable
climates. The usurpation by foreigners of this bounty through deception, crimes
against humanity and brute force has been rationalized and justified through
convenient economic theories of scarcity and greed.  With the inspiration of the
Most High we will research and develop economic systems based upon our
indisputable ownership of the abundant resources in our native countries and the
fair and democratic distribution of wealth to all of our people in every nation. We will
oppose all policies that transfer the control and profits of the earth’s resources from
the majority, for whom the Supreme Being intended them, to a small minority who
utilize these resources for self-enrichment, domination and war.

3.        Just-us business development and trade – After centuries during which our
people were dispossessed from the land and denied the right to own businesses,
we are now subjected to a virtual boycott of our businesses by the dominate
economy. The Eternal Creator God has blessed us with the knowledge and insight
to implement commercial systems that provide incentives for us to do business with
ourselves first and to provide the highest level of excellence in service, products and
ethical performance to each other on the local, national and international level. All of
our resources will be committed to the success of our local, national and
international economies. We will regain control of the ownership and distribution of
the resources in the communities and nations where we predominate.

4.        Afro-centric, spirit-based education systems – Flowing from the essence of
the Supreme Being present in us all, a great sense of pride has blossomed in our
souls. This pride is based upon our glorious history and our leading role in the
progress of civilization for tens of thousands of years. We will take and maintain
control of the educational institutions, processes and curricula in our communities
and nations to celebrate our greatness and to provide holistic educational systems
that develop our youth into world leaders.

5.        Legal system – The Eternal Mother-Father of all creation has endured
centuries of abuse of the African and other aboriginal people of the earth. We have
been subjected to endless punishment without receiving justice. We will now
develop a system of ethical, moral and spiritual justice where African people are
truly judged and disciplined by our peers. We will aggressively monitor and correct
the actions of the legal systems of other people that impact African people. We will
devote our resources to freeing those of our people who have been unjustly
imprisoned, damaged or disenfranchised by the legal systems of others.

6.        Reparations and Restitution – The wisdom we have gained from centuries of
oppression and impoverishment, now enables us to quantify the economic, social
and environmental damage of slavery, colonialism, segregation, war and
exploitation. , This exploitation also caused the immoral and undeserved enrichment
of a small minority of the world’s population. Until recently, due to oppression, we
have been unable to document the damage and effectively demand that justice be
done. We unanimously agree that it is unjust for them to endlessly benefit from their
spoils of war. We will now present a united and consistent demand to all
international and national governments, organizations and corporations, as well as
individuals, that have ever profited from our misery, for restitution and reparations
for the land and trillions of dollars in damages owed to us. We will be persistent in
our demands, whether it takes one year or one hundred years to reach fruition. We
will develop just and equitable systems for effectively redistributing these assets to
our people by means of an egalitarian and universally uplifting economic system.

7.        Banking and Finance – The international banking system has facilitated the
misappropriation of the God-given resources of our people and has left us with
insurmountable debt owed to those who have stolen from us. As the children of the
One True Most High God, it our responsibility to resume control of the resources we
were given original dominion over. We renounce debt obligations that resulted from
coercion, oppression or deceit. We will develop and expand global and local banks,
insurance pools, investment funds and other financial institutions, in conjunction with
those nations who will assist us, to finance and regulate the economies within and
between our communities and nations.

8.        Healthcare – The natural relationship between lifestyle and health that is
harmonious with the Creator’s laws of balance and progress has been subverted in
the European culture. African people have suffered from medical systems designed
to profit those who exploit us. They have either denied us health care or subjected
us to treatments that are unnatural and harmful. We are now creating holistic health
delivery systems based upon aspects of modern medicine that are applicable to us.
We are also implementing our own traditional healthcare methods and borrowing
from other traditional cultures to create a nurturing and enlightened system of
healing our people.

9.        International security – For centuries we have sinned against ourselves and
against our inheritance and destiny to be leaders of this world by assisting in
numerous imperialistic wars against our homelands. We have been complicit in the
theft of our culture, our homelands and our resources. We pray to the Supreme
Being to forgive us and to bless us with the strength and wisdom to reverse course.
We will not participate in, do business with or support any nation, institution or
company that does not honor our historical ownership rights to our homes and
homelands. We will develop international organizations to protect majority-African
nations and communities from control and exploitation by non-African people. We
will actively support democratic governments and highly moral economic systems in
our communities, lands of residence and homelands.