No majority Black country or community shall be subjected to the presence of US,
European or any other foreign military without the approval of the population of the
country involved and the authorization of the United Nations. This should occur only
in case of a political coupe-de-tat, a takeover by a domestic dictator or invasion
from a another country. Current military activities in majority Black countries must be
approved and sanctioned by the local population and the worldwide African
civilization in order to continue. If troops are necessary, those of a multinational
group of African nations will be the preferred option. The only objectives must be to
end the violence and to supervise a peaceful resolution. The foreign troops must
then withdraw as quickly as possible. This should allow Western governments to
reduce their military budgets substantially and to divert those resources to the
programs described herein.

Black citizens of wealthy countries must begin “adopt-a-country” programs where
loans, grants and physical assistance are directed to impoverished Black nations.
In exchange, these nations will agree to award preferential contracts for the
production, import and export of goods and services to the Black citizens of the
community that “adopted” them.

World Black leaders and organizations must become intimately involved in
resolving wars and insurrections in majority Black countries. Black people must
insist that governments in majority Black nations be democratically elected by
secret ballot. Abusive governmental policies by the leaders of majority-Black
nations must be rejected and actively opposed by the international African
Civilization. Rebellions and subversion fomented by outside powers must be
actively opposed. Such subversion is normally facilitated by bribes, threats and
covert actions by Western nations to support a small group of indigenous
collaborators. International efforts must be used to publicize and terminate these
destabilizing covert operations. The elected governing body of African people will
be responsible for directing resources and assistance to those areas and people
most in need. We must also pressure national governments to support the
decisions of this governing body.

Most of the current national boundaries of African, and other majority-Black nations,
are artificial and unnatural. These boundaries were imposed by colonial powers
during the 19th and 20th centuries. Many nations are unstable due to the unnatural
grouping of people without historical affiliations to each other. Often, these nations
are held together only by dictatorial governments and interference from
multinational corporations.

An international effort must be organized to accomplish several objectives:

1.        Strengthen the African Union to minimize the differences between and the
importance of individual African governments.
2.        Begin to cooperatively redraw national boundaries according to the
democratic will of the citizens.
3.        Collectively abrogate treaties and trade arrangements with Western
governments and multinational corporations that interfere with economic progress
and impose untenable debts on African nations.
4.        Develop new financial arrangements, treaties and trade agreements that
emphasize cooperation between African people and Africans in the Diaspora.