The wealth and power of the “Western” world has been built upon the murder and
dispossession of indigenous people on every continent; but primarily in Africa, the
Americas and Australia. Colonizers have enriched themselves from the stolen labor,
land and resources of the other peoples of the world. Today, the descendents of the
colonizers and enslavers enjoy the advantages and privileges that have resulted
from these stolen resources, on every continent. The theft and exploitation of African
people and resources continues today and is the primary cause of the poverty and
landlessness of most of the descendents of Africa. We insist that raw materials,
processing operations, manufacturing facilities, financing and brokerage of
products and services coming from and going to majority Black nations and
communities must be owned and controlled by Black people and Black-owned
companies. Legislation must be enacted to return ownership of land, resources and
industries to Black residents of majority Black countries and to Blacks in the US
who lost property due to terrorism or theft by Europeans and others, at any time.
Trade and immigration barriers and tariffs against products and services from
majority Black countries must be eliminated. Black people in every nation must
support the process of building the African Union into a preferred trade and travel
zone for all Black people. Black people and nations must patronize and support only
those businesses, elected officials and other representatives that actively promote
and act to insure this policy.

In criminal law, persons who injure others can be required to pay restitution to their
victims. The European people have profited from war crimes, crimes against
humanity, genocide, colonialism, slavery, fraud, treaty violations and numerous other
crimes. The current owners of these resources cannot claim innocence for past
crimes until they have returned their ill-gotten gains. Restitution and reparations
must be paid to Africans around the world for the crimes committed during the past
500 years. An accurate accounting of the economic damages of slavery,
colonialism, segregation, apartheid and extractive industries must be made, based
upon the available historical evidence. If we assume that one hundred million African
Americans are owed $1,000 per year for the past 150 years at 3% interest per year,
the total amount owed would be $8.4 trillion. Of course, this is a very conservative
estimate and it only considers the United States. A more accurate accounting would
demonstrate that the actual damages total into the tens of trillions of dollars,

This debt must be calculated as part of the corporate and national debts of the
offending parties and must be considered due and payable until paid in full. These
debts must be part of any calculations regarding transactions involving African
nations or communities in other nations. The funds collected should be divided
equally throughout the global African civilization. Half should be invested into the
funds and financial institutions described in this agenda. The other half should be
used to pay an annual stipend to each of the approximately 1.5 billion persons of
Black African decent around the world, adjusted according to need. Similar
reparations are warranted for other people who have suffered similar exploitation.
We should also support the payment of these reparations.