The writer’s belief is that the ultimate agenda must be set in much the same
way as a national constitution is developed. The input and aspirations of the
majority of our people must be included in the process. We must be patient,
careful and meticulous in this process. It has taken over 1000 years of careful,
meticulous and dedicated effort by our exploiters to separate us from our
history and future as an African civilization. So, speed and impatience are not
important characteristics for us to employ.

The following may be an appropriate analogy. When a person is climbing a
mountain, that person is focused on the rock directly in front of and just above
them. Every thought relates to the physical effort, the care and the caution
needed to move the next few feet. Once that person reaches the summit, there
is momentary rejoicing for a job well done. Then the person looks to the
horizon. There is another even higher mountain range before them. Beyond
that range is another higher range. Off in the distance is a range of mountains
so high the peaks are obscured by clouds.

This is like our lives. We may have to scale the next range in our future lives. If
you are not convinced of your immortality you may believe that perhaps your
children and grandchildren will, one day, climb those distant peaks. The
important thing is that we climb the mountain directly in front of us, one step
and one move at a time.

Fortunately, nations of Africa are currently reorganizing the old Organization of
African Unity into the new African Union. The purpose of this union will be
similar to other multinational organizations such as the European Union and
NATO. The goal is to harmonize and unify the political, economic and security
systems of African nations and the descendents of Africa around the world.
We must develop a unified currency, dual-citizenship policies, unified
passports and mutual protection systems for all African people. This is the
perfect time for us all to begin to participate in the process.

As discussed above, a unifying spiritual foundation is necessary for any
culture. That foundation must be applicable to the upliftment of that culture,
based upon its specific circumstances. On local, regional and international
levels, Black people must cooperate to create centers of spiritual training,
which I will call Institutes of Cosmic Wisdom. These institutes will, as their
primary focus, conduct research into historic and current methods of
advancing African spiritual enlightenment, cultural development and social
harmony. Particular emphasis should be placed on clarifying the basis for the
greatness of ancient African civilizations, the causes for the destruction of
these civilizations and the development of the most appropriate and
applicable methods for African people to control and benefit from the process
of nation building.

Research must include both the ancient and modern methods employed in all
facets of our culture. This must include spiritual and religious systems; family
and community structures; systems of commerce and government; scientific
and engineering methodologies, diet, health and medical techniques; and
relations with the environment and other creatures.

Development of this agenda can be funded in three distinct ways:
1.        The annual Gross National Product (GNP) of African Americans alone
is well over $200 billion. If the GNPs of other African nations and communities
are added, we have trillions of dollars at our disposal. We must adhere to a
unified policy of doing business with ourselves, first. We must invest in mutual
funds, insurance funds and other investment vehicles that will finance the
creation and expansion of African-owned industries in every nation. A self-
imposed tax, tithe or levy should be used as an initial step to begin funding
this process.

2.        We must be unified in our demand for restitution from all other nations,
industries and organizations that have raped, robbed and exploited Africans
for hundreds of years. As a small part of the restitution owed by those who
invaded and enslaved Africans, we must demand that political and
government leaders support all of the programs described herein and provide
adequate public funding, based upon the taxes we pay. Support of this
agenda must be a threshold prerequisite for Black people to determine
whether we vote for or support any political candidate or party. We must agree
to contribute to, support and vote only for candidates who publicly support our
agenda. We must actively oppose all who do not support the agenda. This
process should be used by African people in every country.

3.        We must be unified in our demand for the return of ownership and
control of the land and resources in Africa and in those nations and
communities where we are the majority of the population. Our people must
own and operate the industries that produce, extract, process, manufacture
and distribute these resources. African descendents around the world must be
the brokers and middlemen for all imports and exports regarding majority
African communities and nations.
These three rivers of resources will expand the ocean of our worldwide GNP
into trillions of dollars. This will be more than adequate to finance institutions
that will eliminate poverty and facilitate cooperation between Black people,