Process for Building an African Agenda for African People:

So that we are economical, efficient and effective in our work, it’s vitally important that
we are clear on how we will proceed as a collective. We can’t afford to come together
without clear guidelines and procedures. The following are suggested steps and
guidelines to follow:

1. The entire African (Black) World is invited to participate at all levels of this
endeavor. Anyone can view the discussion and see the agenda as it unfolds without
having to register. Anyone can also join scheduled conference call.

2. For brothers and sisters who wish to join the online discussion (blog), they must
first register on the site. They can sign up for the entire discussion or for a single
topic discussion.

3. For brothers and sisters who wish to participate in the rewriting/revamping of the
Agenda, they must also complete the short form to become a member of the Agenda
Team.  - The Agenda Team will have specific guidelines for its operation.

4. October 1, 2009 is the target date for completion of the first draft. Draft two and
three (the final draft) will have target dates of six months each, with en end date of
October 1, 2010. Even after the third/final draft, when necessary, the Agenda can be
updated and/or amended. The exact process for doing so will be developed during
this period.