When we pledge our allegiance, let us pledge to our creator and to our own destiny:

On behalf of and for the benefit of all people of the earth who are, in fact, children of
Mother Africa, I sincerely commit to this prayer unto the Ever-present Cosmic Supreme
Creator-God and to the Wisely Evolved and Powerfully Enlightened Administering
Intelligences who implement the Creator’s will of love, security and progress in the lives
of all peoples on the earth and in its heavens. I pray for the immediate, complete,
everlasting and glorious liberation of all African people who have been oppressed,
dispossessed and enslaved by those who have usurped the religions, cultures, homes
and homelands of the indigenous peoples of every land and continent. Let there be
perfect, comprehensive, unassailable and limitless protection for all who work now or in
the future for the upliftment and ennoblement of the African Civilization throughout the
As an immortal child of God with unrealized talents, intelligence, strength and wisdom, I
am conscious of my destiny for infinite progress and empowerment in this life and
forever. In my soul I am conscious that I have always existed and that I am immortal. As
a descendant of Mother Africa, I am the triumphant heir to over 4 million years of
exalted human earth-residency, progress and achievement. I am an indispensable soul
who consciously and proudly chooses to continue this regal lineage.
From their previously lofty estate, my ancestors were overwhelmed in wars of invasion;
taken hostage as prisoners of war, sold into involuntary servitude, murdered, tortured,
raped and denied access to their identity, history and greatness.  Their labor, creations
and resources were stolen and they were denied the tools for self-protection and self-
determination. Despite this continuing thousand-year holocaust, it has been God’s will
that we, their descendents, have survived and continue to prosper.
I pledge allegiance to God’s exalted plan for the restoration of the glory of the
worldwide African civilization, that has been suppressed and subsumed by the
domination and deceit of a self-destructive culture that worships material wealth,
military might and the alienation of nature. Each day I live, I pledge to commit myself to
rebuild the optimism, dreams, hearts, minds, homes and homelands of the African
people. Even today we continue to majestically contribute to human progress on every
continent on earth and throughout the heavens. I pledge to seek earthly and heavenly
acknowledgement and just compensation for the fruits of the labor of African people.
We are a global majority, which numbers almost one and a half billion of individual
souls. We are destined to contribute new forms, purposes and directions of leadership
to this world and to its heavens. We commit ourselves to regaining stewardship,
protection and control of the people, resources, cultures, environments, industries,
governments and future of the hearts, minds, souls, homes and homelands of all of the
descendants of Africa throughout the world. We assert our right and duty to reestablish
the modern descendants of Africa as co-leaders, guides, beneficiaries and trustees of
the abundance and riches of our world and as spiritual saviors for the resurrection and
liberation of souls unto the highest heavens.
Let the great soul of African people and their descendants renew the knowledge of our
true origins, identity, purposes and destinies, as a blessing of the whole world and to
the Glory of God, The Most High.