Kwabena Sankara Lumumba
                   (“I am a child born to rest the spirits of my ancestors.”)

From my working autobiography:

I was born to Frank and Janie Peterson in 1962 in Banneker City  (Washington, DC). Along
with the comfort of two loving parents, I had two brother’s Frank and Carl (RIP) and my older
sister Thelma.

As a young child I was very inquisitive and equally talkative, it was normal for me to speak of
and about things far beyond my age; this made me a favorite to many of the older people
around me, which consisted of several aunts, uncles, cousins and a long list of family friends.
As I reflect, it seemed that someone was always taking care of me or taking me somewhere. To
this very day, one of the most satisfying things for me is to talk too or visit some of the very
people that helped to rear me.

Biographical Sketch

Originally from Banneker City (Washington, D.C), I have been living in Atlanta, Georgia seen
2001. I’m no stranger to Georgia; I spent each of my youth summers working on family farms in
Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta is the hometown of my parents.

I am married to Torkwase Folami Peterson (Lumumba), still my best friend after 22 years and
father of four sons: Darren, Jabari, Kitwana and Kamau.

My fascination with art has been with me since I was a child. To the surprise of no one, in
1990, I graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a baccalaureate of the

I was introduced to black social and political thought as a youth. This culminated into me
studying African history and culture; during the 1990’s I traveled to several countries in West
Africa. I was also a founding member of the African Development Organization (ADO) and
supporter of independent African institutions in Washington, DC. In 1995, I helped to organize
youth for The Local Organizing Committee of the Million Man March. In 2002, I incorporated
AfrikaOne and for five years directed “Culture Arm Us”, a one-week intensive on the culture of
African people. In 2005, I became a primary organizer of the Southern Region of the Millions
More Movement. Currently, I’m a member of the Unity Board of the African Community Centers
for Unity and Self Determination, Atlanta, Georgia.

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