The Functional Unity Logo and it's Meaning:
This is an exceptionally strong and meaningful logo and symbol. It is the symbol for "Functional Unity" among
our people globally.

THE "GOLD" OUTER CIRCLE: This circle represents the "Ultimate Principle or God Principle", by whatever
name and by all names. This gold circle also represents our ancestors and the collective memory of African
(Black) people.

THE "BLACK" CIRCLE: This circle represents Black (African) People wherever we exist on the planet.

THE "RED" BACKGROUND: The RED background represents the field of our present and recent historical
condition. The RED represents the domination,  exploitation and the many contradictions we face as a people.
This represents the spiritual, mental and physical blood we've shed in the global war being waged against
African (Black) people.

THE "GOLD" CENTER CIRCLE: This Gold circle represents the "Functional Unity" concept and system.
This system was created to stimulate and encourage respect, cooperation and mutual power-building among
all elements of our community and people. The GOLD center represents our
core system necessary for
providing the synergy required for our empowerment and liberation.

THE "BLACK" ARROWS: These arrows represent the ideas, concepts, principals and plans contributed by
conscious and committed brothers and sisters to the "Functional Unity System" for refinement and mass
distribution to our communities globally. The aim or purpose for this collection and massive distribution of
information is to help stimulate and sustain growth and empowerment among our people. Notice that the tips
of these Black arrows extend into the "Functional Unity System"; our core system.

THE "GREEN" ARROWS: These arrows represent the growth, empowerment and liberating energy naturally
stimulated by the proper application of the "Functional Unity System". Notice that the tips of the green arrows
extend beyond the black circle (The African/Black Community) into the God and Ancestral realm. Our rise will
help to establish balance and wellness on the planet.

Please consider copying this logo and pasting it to your website