All humans have a common origin. God created the first humans in central Africa
over 4 million years ago. For over 3 million years, all human development
occurred in Africa. Over the millennia, people migrated throughout the planet,
evolved and adapted to their new climates. It is a fact that all people are
descendants of Mother Africa. The classification of people by “races” is an
invention of European culture that has facilitated their domination and exploitation
of other humans.
Equality of origin does not translate into a present equality of condition or worldly
status, however. Each child within a family has its own strengths, weaknesses,
needs and destiny. The path and talents of each child are different. Each “race”
and nation of people, likewise, has psychological, physiological, cultural and
historical characteristics which cause them to be more similar to each other and
dissimilar from other races and nations. It is appropriate for each group of people
to utilize those tools most applicable for its particular condition and characteristics.
It is completely possible and appropriate to love and promote one’s own “race”
and culture without opposing others. However, the dominant world ideology values
only a European-based culture and people with European characteristics.
This culture, utilizing the philosophy of the survival of the meanest and most
duplicitous, has appropriated and sequestered the land, resources, cultures and
destinies of the other peoples of the world. The projectors and protectors of this
culture have refused to tolerate the existence of any other cultures of any
significant power or influence. There is no limit to the violence and deceit they
have employed to eliminate any and all competition. Prosperity within this system
is distributed primarily, if not exclusively, within the racial categories as determined
by those in power.

Today, as during the periods of slavery and segregation, middle and lower class
Whites have suffered exploitation, as well. However, they have been persuaded
that they are superior to and more privileged than, non-Whites. They are allowed
to experience a slightly more comfortable and secure life than are other people.
This insures their support for the policies of the truly wealthy and powerful. These
policies generally work against the true interests of Whites who are not wealthy.
They, however, have been convinced that we, the non-European people are the
threat to their progress and security. The US elections of 2000 and 2004 are
clear examples of this phenomenon. The working and lower class Whites who
voted to continue with the policies of the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II
administrations will soon find that they would have benefited more from working to
liberate the oppressed people of the United States and the world.

“Racism” is based upon a subjective classification of people into sub-groups
based upon physical and cultural characteristics. These characteristics are then
given expanded meaning as measures of the value, intelligence or worthiness of
each “race”. These value judgments have been used by the “race”, which has
attained power, to create a separate, inferior and undesirable condition of life for
other “races” of people and to enforce that condition, by any means necessary,
over a period of time, because of the physical characteristics of the oppressed
people. Racism requires power and control on the part of the racist. Until people
of color have the power to exploit, subjugate and oppress other people, it is
impossible for us to be racists. However, it would be foolish to pretend that race
does not play a predominate role in how the American or European cultures have
related to people for hundreds of years. Race is still the major determining factor
of a person’s or a nation’s relationship vis-a-vis Western societies.

Advocates of adversarial partisan philosophies; nationalism, racism, politics or
religion, engage in and prosper from the process of divide and conquer. The
sage, Bob Marley, aptly classified this as the “Ism-schism”.  “Ism” the adherence
to philosophies, theories, religions and political parties is used to create “schisms”
or divisions between those who lack power. The dispossessed cannot afford to be
impeded or sidetracked by privileged people who accuse us of being racists.
Those who make this allegation are the same people who desire to keep the world’
s people of color on the bottom rung of the economic, social and political ladder.
All humans have prejudices and biases. A bias is only a personal value judgment.
It may be correct or incorrect. If these biases are based upon actual personal
experience and observation they may be valid and useful for self-preservation.
However, whatever biases most people of color may have, they do not and cannot
subject other races, especially Europeans, to exploitation and oppression.
Every racial or ethnic group displays a pride in and a preference for its own
group. The majority of the human race lives, worships, learns and does business
with members of its own group first, to the exclusion of other groups. All people
seek to promote and preserve their own unique languages, cultures and
philosophies. If this preference is not expressed as hostile or adversarial, it is a
natural recognition of the diversity of God’s creation.