The educational system, formal and informal, plays a primary role in the self-image of a
people. We must maintain local control of our schools. We must insure that our schools
receive per-student funding, for all programs & facilities, equal to or greater than those of
European communities. Greater resources are justified because of the damage that has
been done to non-white students by a biased and hostile educational system.

We will utilize private, charter and parochial schools to insure that our children learn about
their great past and vast potential. Emphasis shall be placed on training students to
control and manage businesses, industries and government institutions. Teachers and the
curriculum must be effective in raising our children to be business, social, political and
spiritual leaders. Subjects must be taught from an Afro-centric perspective with a
worldwide scope. Cooperative teaching, student teaching and community demonstration
programs shall be incorporated into the standard education process..

Some of the minimum educational requirements for all schools with significant Black
enrollment must be:
1.        A view of history from the perspective of Africans and other indigenous peoples of
the world.
2.        Current events that focus on conditions, opportunities and challenges in African,
Asian and South American nations; as well as the island nations.
3.        Relationship building for our families and communities.
4.        Leadership and organizational management.
5.        Personal finance and business management.
6.        Math, sciences and engineering that incorporate the traditional knowledge of
non-European cultures that are relevant to solving the problems confronted by African and
other indigenous peoples.

Due to our dispersal around the earth and our adaptation to numerous different cultures
and languages, it is vital that we, in the African Diaspora systematically share with and
teach each other. Our tax money and private investments must support international travel
and global education programs between people in Black majority countries and
communities. Every teacher and child must be required and assisted to make at least one
educational trip to a foreign nation with a majority Black population before graduation.
Educational and cultural organizations shall facilitate the sharing of customs, languages,
spiritual beliefs and histories. Schools must have programs to educate students daily
regarding the current events, challenges and accomplishments of African people around
the world. The internet, teleconferencing and other technologies will facilitate this. We
must continuously discuss political and economic issues that effect Black populations
around the world. This will facilitate us providing support to correct destructive activities
wherever they occur.