The present “healthcare” model employed in most nations is designed to insure
lack of health and lack of care for most Black people. Diets high in fat, processed
sugar, white flour, salt, genetically modified organisms, plus animal products
laced with steroids, hormones and preservatives, cause the majority of the health
problems we face. The pharmaceutical industry either prices drugs out of the
reach of many Black people or provides risky, experimental drugs that cause
further complications and illness.

Healthcare must be available to every Black person. Traditional and alternative
medical practices such as natural/spiritual healing and counseling must be
promoted for all Black people who need care. These techniques should include
traditional diets, herbology, physical fitness and spiritual healing. These can be
combined with Western medical techniques. However, we must control the
delivery of health care in our communities. Scientists and physicians in our health
care system must research, encourage and finance traditional practices from
majority Black countries. Black owned research and training institutions must be
expanded and opened in all majority Black communities and nations. Black
healthcare professionals who have received training in holistic methods must
determine what sorts of diets, treatments and medications are most appropriate
and effective. We must require that food and personal products be labeled to
advise whether hazardous chemicals, pesticides, hormones or genetically
modified organisms are used. Organically grown foods must be promoted to
protect our health and our environment.

We must develop our own international health insurance funds that focus on
proper treatment ahead of profits.