The adoption of a common goal and a common agenda based upon the highest
truth are prerequisites to any unified action toward real improvement in our
condition. Therefore, our goals and agenda must be universally applicable and of
the highest wisdom possible. Having a unifying goal does not mean that we will all
take the same path to reach it. It will, however, provide us with a consistent long-
term perspective and consistent standards for interacting with each other and with
other peoples. We should not delude ourselves that we can eliminate our
oppressive conditions immediately. The wars against Africa began during the fall of
ancient Egypt and continue today. However, a unifying agenda, spirituality and
vision will provide us with an expansive view of our history. It will become more
evident that our efforts add to the success of the centuries-old struggle to situate
African and Africans, once again, in a leadership position in the affairs of this earth
and its heavens. Consistency and unity will produce strength, power and harmony in
our thoughts and actions.
It is now time to begin to consolidate the wide variety of spiritual, social and
economic approaches, we now employ, into a universally applicable agenda for all
Africans around the world. This agenda should also be applicable and liberating for
other oppressed and exploited people. Those with an interest are invited to
contribute new or clarifying information and programs to expedite the process of
self-determination in the building of the 21st Century African Global Civilization. The
only three standards, which should be observed, are 1) that the philosophies,
programs and processes developed must be universally applicable, 2) that Black
people must develop, control and obtain the benefit from the programs in our
communities and nations, and 3) that we are immortal children of God, each with a
glorious destiny. Because of our history and present state of disenfranchisement,
African people must implement programs and ideologies that remedy our unique
circumstances. The world is suffering from the lack of a powerful and exalted
leadership that must be contributed by the African civilization. A family cannot
succeed without the guidance of grandparents. The world’s younger civilizations
fight, flail and flounder without the wise guidance of the African people. We must
also encourage other disenfranchised people to develop similar processes
compatible with their cultural and historic circumstances. Cooperation between
groups and nations is encouraged. However, self-determination must not be

The following is a more expansive discussion of the Agenda set out above. Those
who believe that this is a worthwhile and necessary process for the establishment of
the Global African Civilization are encouraged participate in, expand upon,
contribute to, research or contradict any or all of these proposals. It is the authors
hope that these ideas will initiate a centuries long process of civilization re-
development in a direction applicable to a glorious present and future for all African
people, in every country, on every continent and in our future lives.