Love is accomplished unity.  The true definitions of “Love” and “Unity” are far more
expansive and inclusive than may be assumed. True Love and Unity are characteristics of
our immortality. The application of these more expansive definitions is necessary before
true progress can be made toward liberation, world leadership and co-ownership of the
world’s resources for Black and non-white nations and communities. A brief explanation is

A universal truth, agreed to by all religions, philosophies and spiritual belief systems is
that the Creator is eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent and all knowing. The names
by which it has been known around the world; God, Allah, Jehovah, Brahma, Vishnu, Zeus,
Osiris, Ahriman, Ormuzd, Nzambi, Tao, The Almighty, the Supreme Being, or the Most
High, merely reveal the nation or society whose religion is being considered. Each name
is an attempt by a culture of men and women to understand and describe our Creator and
Sustainer based upon their observations of the world around them. It follows that God is
everywhere and everything and that everything is God. Because God is perfect, God
created everything as it should be, in composition and applicability. The circumstances,
conjunctions and orientations of each point of creation are constantly evolving within the
will of the Absolute. There is nothing beside, outside or separate from God or the
Supreme Being. Logically, it follows that we are part of God. Which means that our
destiny is to develop our godhood and goddesshood facilities. God did not create us
weak, sinful or undesirable. All of God is perfect, including us. The Creator, in its infinite
wisdom, chose to create and develop humankind over 4 million years ago in what we now
call Africa. For over 90% of its history, civilization developed in Africa. Africans and their
descendants must truly be the Chosen People of God.

One law of physics states that the amount of physical matter in the universe is fixed. It has
not changed since “the beginning”. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It only
changes from one form or state to another. This is also true of energy. Physical matter is a
relatively dense and gross form of creation when compared to energy, intelligence or
spirit. If physical matter is eternal, how much more eternal must be life, intelligence, mind
and spirit? Our souls must also have eternal lives. The appropriate question is not whether
we are each immortal but rather, what is the appropriate path for our souls to follow during
this and future lives.

All religions promise a life after physical death. We can observe that after the dead of
winter comes the new life of spring. When a plant or animal dies it’s “body” returns to the
earth and new life springs forth from it. If we can see that all of creation is continuously
renewing and eternal, shouldn’t we recognize this same quality in ourselves? We are
immortal because we are spirit and mind, first and foremost. We may not know what or
where our next life or incarnation will be but we should know that the quality of our life after
death will be the direct consequence of how we live now. We should also know that our
rights, powers, abilities and responsibilities are those of the children of God. We each
speak directly to God every second of our existence, whether we know it or not.

We each need guides and teachers to help us to grow and to find our proper path but we
do not need an interpreter or savior to talk to God for us. We must not hide our lights
under a bushel or become slaves to any man-made religion or philosophy. When we
consciously acknowledge our cosmic nativity the Cosmic Light will cause us to
accomplish love in our life, labor, learning, logic, leisure, laughter, loyalty and language
toward each other and the world.

The beliefs of a people concerning the will, characteristics and our relationship with God
determine that people’s self image, their image of others and their ability to grow and
progress. If that image promotes materialism, division, bigotry, lack of motivation or
violence, as is the case with many modern, sectarian religions, the people cannot
progress. They become the unconscious slaves of the religion and its clergy. If, on the
contrary, the spiritual beliefs promote spiritual enlightenment, self-worth, the thirst for
knowledge, unity, cooperation, understanding and appreciation between people, the
people will grow in enlightenment, wisdom and wealth while they also benefit others.

After centuries of devotion to the religious beliefs and systems of Judaism, Islam and
Christianity, we are still not liberated and we do not control our destinies.  We have not
received the true knowledge of ourselves nor have we understood the rights, privileges
and potential that our indigenous spiritual systems provided when Africa was the home of
the worlds most advanced and dominant civilizations. In most cases, modern religions
have helped us avoid becoming worse than we are but they have not enabled us to
achieve our highest destinies. We must not let a religion that may contain some good
keep us from reaching something better. Neither can we allow what is “better” keep us
from attaining “the best”.

If we honestly examine how we obtained our religious beliefs, we must admit that they are
hereditary. We learned them from our families and the cultures in which we were born and
raised. It is the rare person who can honestly state that he or she objectively examined
most of the world’s various religious systems and selected the one most appropriate for
him or herself. It is not unusual for a person to have failed to even read or understand the
scripture he or she professes to follow. This is neither enlightenment nor liberation.

It is now necessary that we learn and adopt the appropriate spiritual system, based upon
critical and independent research that facilitates our rise to the station of leaders in this
world and spiritual giants in the next.

It is not necessary or desirable that we re-create the exact spiritual practices of our
ancestors. Their practices were appropriate for another place, another time and different
circumstances. All of the major scriptures were written for and were applicable to
circumstances that existed when they were written, by humans. Humans are created to be
inspired by the Light of Supreme Intelligence each second. We are not meant to create
idols, jujus or totems of ancient books and religious symbols that may enslave us to
philosophies appropriate only for an ancient time.

There are, however, universally applicable principals of the spirit that were understood by
our African ancestors; which spread throughout Asia and the island nations, and which
have been inculcated into all religions. It is the application and understanding of these
universal principals, which will liberate us and enable us to assume our rightful and true
destiny as spiritual leaders, custodians and equal beneficiaries of the abundance of this
planet and its heavens.

Our responsibilities under man-made or religion-based laws are important but secondary
to and subject to our cosmic and eternal responsibilities and rights. We must obey the just
laws of the jurisdictions in which we live. We must give Caesar his due while we reside in
his nation. The fact that we are currently the citizens of a particular city, state, province,
country or race; or are the member of a particular religion or political party, in no way limits
nor negates our universal, cosmic and God citizenship. We cannot allow ourselves to be
defined as anything less than God’s most perfect and beloved creation.  Our quest for
knowledge and education must be founded on the three fundamentals of wisdom and
enlightenment. These are Self-knowledge, Creation-knowledge and Creator-knowledge.
All branches of the academic and intellectual tree involve the pursuit of one or more of

These are the fundamentals of spiritual knowledge, which are compatible with our ancient
African beliefs and are completely applicable and necessary for our present and future
labor to become co-leaders, co-owners, teachers and guides to the rest of the world. It will
provide the basis for us to love, honor and respect ourselves and each other.  We are
trained and encouraged daily to focus on artificial differences such as color, class, status,
income, religion, political affiliation, sex, age, nationality, language or philosophy. For over
1,000 years these divisions have permitted others to rob and pillage our people, land,
resources, and our cultural, scientific and philosophical treasures without compensation,
remorse or acknowledgement. Many of our people now stress the differences and
divisions among and between African people who now reside on the various continents.
This continues to be used as an excuse for the lack of cooperation and support between
people of African heritage. We see Africans in the United States, Brazil, Haiti, Nigeria,
The Philippines, Kenya and all of the other nations as separate and distinct people.

The differences between African peoples around the world are no more significant than
the differences between white Americans and whites from Spain, Russia or Germany.
Similar differences exist between Asian people from India, China, Thailand and Japan.
The truth is that Africans in these separate nations are much more similar to each other
than they are to their fellow national citizens. If these other nations can cooperate and
trade with each other, how much more should Africans who have a far more
homogeneous historical experience? The artificial divisions between African people have
prevented us from defending our God-given treasures. Indeed, many of us now believe
that there never was anything to defend.

Our consciousness is so damaged that other nations can attack us in various areas of the
world and we do not recognize it as an attack on ourselves. In the past twenty years
horrific crimes against humanity have been committed by Western nations against Haiti,
Somalia, Sudan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Ivory Coast (Cote D’
Ivoire), Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda and Burundi and many other of
our nations. The descendents of Africa have been subjected to genocide, invasion and
exploitation. These also happen to be the nations with the greatest wealth in natural
resources. That is the reason the forces of international capitol and multinational
corporations are exploiting them. It is the reason they work so hard to persuade us not to
cooperate with each other. African Americans have seldom attempted to actively support
or protect our cousins in these nations. Many Africans on the continent are unaware of the
history or condition of the children of those who were kidnapped into slavery.

African people are not alone in this war initiated by exploitive Western interests. Vietnam,
Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Central America, Cuba, Iraq, the Pacific Island nations and
Afghanistan have all been the victims of aggression by these same forces.

Our current condition on this planet is the result of other people treating us as a
homogenous group. These people, acted as groups that were willing to achieve their
ends by use of force. Our individual self-image was never relevant to the forces now
steering world events. The people of this planet operate as groups, nations and races to
pursue, what they consider to be, their own self-interest. In order to stabilize, reverse and
improve our circumstances we must begin to truly operate as a worldwide, multinational
civilization with our own history, interests, purposes, agenda and governing structures.
Having a unifying rather than a divisive spiritual foundation is imperative to build a unified
civilization. It is also reqired as the basis for structuring our personal and collective
individual lives, for regulating our commercial activities, and for intellectual and scientific
progress, that benefit rather than exploit us.

On a more practical level, we must learn from the mistakes of others. After more than a
thousand years of dominance by the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religious tradition, African
people, the world and our environment are now in a much worse condition than ever in
history. History demonstrates that African, and most other indigenous people, lived in
harmony with a limitless array of animals, plant life, geological formations and climates for
hundreds of thousands of years without destroying their environments. The Western
nations have managed to seriously damage the world ecology in less than 500 years. The
entire world is suffering from the lack of a powerful contribution of cultural, philosophical
and spiritual leadership of the African people.

Fortunately, there is an immediate answer. Enlightenment can elevate the children of God
faster than the imagination can conceive. A spiritual ideology, described as Conscious
Cosmic Citizenship or Conscious Immortality, satisfies all of these needs. It is the
aboriginal wisdom behind ancient and traditional African religions. It does not
discriminate or prohibit acknowledgement of or reverence for any God, Goddess, savior,
saint, prophet, guru, angel or ancestor. All are acknowledged as blessings to the earth,
sent by the Most High. All are children of the Ever-present God. There is no mandate or
sanction to worship any of these individual spirits over and above the One True Creator of
All. All religions and philosophies are included within this wisdom because they are all
God-inspired efforts by humans to pursue Self-knowledge, Creation-knowledge and
Creator-knowledge. Conscious Immortality recognizes that where religions have faltered
is when they substitute their limited ideologies for the true will of God. This error can result
in the belief that humans must help God enforce God’s will on earth. No one should doubt
that God is supremely capable of executing its will, regardless of the efforts of man.

All of the citizens of this city, this state, this nation, this race, this world, this solar system,
this galaxy or this universe are also Cosmic Citizens. Application and enlightenment in
this system is the fastest cure for divisions or “Willie Lynchism” among and between Black
people around the world; and between the descendants of Africa and other people.

No longer do we need to argue over whether there is mutual destiny, respect and love, on
the one hand, or mutual distrust, disrespect or hatred, on the other, between Africans in
Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. We Africans in the Diaspora (as well as many other
nations of people) are impoverished due to centuries of kidnapping, enslavement,
genocide, cultural and economic subjugation and the theft of our labor and identity.
Africans in Africa have been impoverished by war, famine colonialism, the theft and
exploitation of their land and resources and the destruction of civilizations, cultures and
religions. The perpetrators of these crimes are the same in both instances. The
descendents of the former enslavers now desire to maintain and continue this system.
The present conditions and needs of Africans around the world are similar everywhere.
Self-deluding exercises in dividing and discriminating against each other only increase
the harm already done. In evaluating our respective conditions we will find infinite numbers
of insignificant distinctions without any real differences, in substance. Therefore, we must
be conscious that the solutions and remedies to these conditions will be equally effective
and beneficial for us all.

In our worship practices, let us reflect, re-enforce and magnify our god-hood and goddess-
hood status. Rather than prostrating ourselves, groveling and begging a foreign god for
forgiveness of our wretched sinfulness, let us pray standing with our arms up-raised to our
Cosmic Supreme Mother-Father because we are its immortal children. Rather than
artificially changing our names to Arabic, Persian, European or Chinese and using their
languages to express our love for God, let us begin a program to document our places of
origin in Africa. We will then have the option, if we choose, begin to learn the languages
and names of our true homeland. This will give us a connection with our history and
provide a unifying characteristic applicable to Black people around the world.

Let us treasure, cherish and claim our history and achievements. But, let us no longer
write or sing songs about our weakness and sinfulness. Let’s begin to write and sing
songs that reinforce our belief that God created each of us perfectly and that our destinies
are exalted, our possibilities limitless and our power unimaginable because God made us
that way. Let us articulate that the ancient African empires of Ethiopia, Kush, Egypt, the
Dravidians, the Moors, Ghana, Songhay, Zimbabwe and many others were among the
most powerful, advanced and glorious civilizations on earth; equal to or greater than those
of Europe or Asia. Let us acknowledge that these other civilizations imitated and adapted
the religions, science and technology of Africa to achieve their greatness. Let us
acknowledge that our ancestors generously developed the civilizations of other people.
Let us incorporate meditation, yoga and life-giving habits and diets in our daily lives. Let
us build and enhance the body-temples God has given each of us. When we pray, let us
describe the glorious future we are destined to create, with the blessings of the Ever-

Let our prayers be of this quality:
“O, Everywhere Present Supreme Intelligence; All Powerful Creator God. I seek the
Cosmic Light of Infinite and complete Intelligence, Power, Wisdom and Love. Please
guide me, and my people, to accomplish your will. I decree that all oppressed, exploited
and disposed souls in the heavens and on the earth, are now and henceforth, liberated
and resurrected to our proper stature as leaders and co-owners of all that is in this world
and its heavens.  I decree that all that I do and all I say will result in harmony, security,
progress, prosperity and success for my people. I will be an uplifting blessing to everyone
and everything. All destructive, disruptive, oppressive and chaotic beings, forces and
conditions in my environment are now rendered positive, harmonious and beautiful. I call
upon the administering Spirits of Light, who implement God’s will to arrest, remove and
render impotent, all beings, forces or conditions that do not enhance our liberation and
upliftment. Allow me to be conscious of your presence in all that I do, O’ Ever-present
Cosmic Supreme Intelligence.
Thy light eternally prevails.”

As we decree, so shall we be.