Online Election ballot with instructions for 2017
**Vote any time between now and 6:00pm on September 9, 2017

We are electing four (4) new members to the Unity Council. We will repeat this process the
second Saturday of each September. This year, the four we elect will replace the oldest seated
four members of the Council. This insures that new energy and ideas are always coming into
the process. * A person can only serve one three year term as a local Unity Council member.

Only persons who have endorsed the Functional Unity Process are qualified to vote in the
election. You still have time to qualify. Visit and review the "Blueprint for
Functional Unity Presentation" or call the Core Administration @ 404.707.4357 for instructions.

Each person voting in the election will have four (4) votes. A voter can give all of their votes to
one candidate or split them up any way they choose. This is called “cumulative voting” and is
considered a better way of electing representative leadership than the “one person – one
vote” method generally used.

*Place the number of votes you are giving any candidate in the box in front of their
Again, you have four (4) votes. Please use all of them. Do not use more than four
votes. Your ballot can not be certified and counted with more than four votes.
Your Name
Phone #:
Email Address
1. Aunkh Aakhu

2. Muhammad Cannon

3. Jabari Ashe

4. Jordan Carter
*Your total number of votes can not be greater than four (4) votes.  
*Need volunteers to help work and certify the elections. Call 404-549-4526 or email us
at if you can help.