The African Community Center for Unity and Self-Determination
(ACCUSD) is the
“Unity Center” for this process on the local level.

The job of the
Unity Center is to build and hold the process together,
and to help strengthen it over time. Under the leadership of a Center
Director, the “Core” administrative staff and other volunteers carry out
all necessary tasks.

In addition to the core administrative staff, there are also nine (9) Vital
Interest Think Tanks. These are:
The Family, Education, Business &
Trade, Health, Politics, Art & Culture, Law & Legal, Security and

Advisory Councils might also be established for specific needs.

The Unity Center is governed directly by the elected Unity Council of
that city or community and guided by basic documents and guidelines
developed by the
Unity Board..

Contact the Unity Center (African Community Center) at 404-344-5454

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