Richard Zulu Shabazz

Richard Shabazz is a Photojournalist and Videographer from Chicago who has called
Atlanta home since 2000. The, (Richard Shabazz View Point) is a website
that shows his journalistic talent. The report consists of news articles, photographs and
video interviews done by Richard Zulu Shabazz covering all aspects of political and
community news and events. The topics vary from Politics to sports with interviews from
Dr. Cornell West to Kanye West. Richard has been a volunteer with “Hosea Williams
feed the hungry” for the last 6 years. He has been on the frontline of the struggle for
New Afrikans for over 15 years. He started his life as an activist as an F.O.I in the
Nation of Islam. This is where he started to fight for reparations on behalf of New
Afrikans. He is now currently working with N.C.O.B.R.A. Richard is the co-host of “What
Good is a song” a weekly PanAfrikan/Black Nationalist program that airs weekly on
WRFG from 6-7:30pm EST. Richard’s personal mentors include Kwame Ture, Sister
Tynetta Muhammad, Dr.Khalid Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan and Queen Mother
Njere Alghanee.

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